MPS Dragstrip - MCRACE lives again

Thu, January 10 2019

MPS Dragstrip - MCRACE lives again

It is amazing to see these old ANSI graphics making simple animations that feel like the old home game consoles...

We have started using our Turbo Pascal Clone to recompile all of the Motor City Software "BBS DOOR GAMES". To do this, we started rewriting the JPDOOR 5.0 door framework. This required fixing all of the bugs, be them small and annoying, or just missing code. JPDOOR 5.0.1 now contains a redesigned infrastructure, updated drop file support, and a more robust ANSI engine. Each month we continue to revise JPDOOR - focusing on performance, design, ease for a new developer to pick up the product and produce professional looking door software.

No longer does a developer need TPCRT, OPCRT, TTT, or some other third-party component suite to make their configuration applications and door games. JPDOOR 5.0.1 includes an extremely lean menu system, input system and supports direct video writes for performance. With our acquisition of Griffin Solution's HALCYON, JPDOOR 5.0.1 also supports dBase, Clipper and FoxPro database files.
MCRACE was one of my all-time favorites in the mid-90's. This was why David, Peter and I acquired everything Rod Hancock wrote. Over the last two decades, David and Peter have moved on, however, I stayed developing in the Pascal compiler arena. Acquiring Turbo Pascal 7.0 source and rewriting it to compile in Delphi, and now in Free Pascal - allowing me to code 16bit DOS Applications from my Linux Servers, or my Mac Desktop.

Currently, everyone seems to like this new font for the splash screen
However, MCRACE will live beyond the retro-world of TPC32. I am also the author of Modern Pascal, a 32bit/64bi p-Code compiler and Interpreter for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. So people can run MCRACE on their Dial-Up Windows XP machine, or behind Rick Parrish's GameSrv on other 32bit Windows... where TELNET is bridged as a FOSSIL driver by Rob Swindell's DOSXTRN and SBBSEXEC.DLL. This week, we are installing MCRACE in Vancouver on a PCBoard system running NETFOSS. Another TELNET bridge as a FOSSIL for BBSes and DOS DOORS.

With the Modern Pascal build on the near horizon, all of the BBS Code, DOOR Code, etc. will all be built-in to CodeRunner. My cross-platform server engine that supports multiple daemons running from a single binary, capable of handling over 50,000 concurrent connections. CodeRunner handles all of the socket communications and threading and runs an embedded instance of Modern Pascal Interpreter - making the BBS, DOOR, etc. all work over TCP natively. (Dropping local display, Dropping Modem/Fossil calls - operating as a Windows Service, or Linux/Mac Daemon.