16 Color Display Routines

These are the colors we had before GUI!

Keeping everything user friendly

Modern Pascal's display routines are 100% backward compatible to Turbo Pascal 3.0 through 7.0.

Not Available in Celerity and CodeRunner

Modern Pascal understands that Celerity is built-in to Apache, and CodeRunner is a script server.

CodeRunner supports True Color ANSI

Toggle either CP437 and UTF8 character sets, and ANSI 16 Color, 256 Color or True Color.

Program BasicColors.v1180824; Uses Display; Procedure ProduceColorChart; Var BG:Longint; FG:Longint; Begin ClrScr; For BG:=0 to 7 do begin TextBackground(BG); For FG:=0 to 15 do begin TextColor(FG); Write(' ** '); End; Writeln(); End; End; Begin ProduceColorChart; TextColor(7); TextBackground(0); Writeln('Finished.'); End.

Output from code above...