16 Color Display Routines

These work on Telnet, SSH and Local/Console Apps

Keeping everything user friendly

Modern Pascal's display routines are 100% backward compatible to Turbo Pascal 3.0 through 7.0.

Web Script Engine (Celerity)

Modern Pascal also has an Apache Module, providing pascal developers with a powerful web script engine.

We even incorporated common BBS routines

Modern Pascal supports Pipe colors in strings, CP437 and UTF8 character sets, and ANSI and Avatar/0+.

Program Sample.Screen.v1170927; uses display; var Name:String; OldX:Longint; Begin TextBackground(Blue); ClrScr; TextColor(Blue); TextBackground(Cyan); Write(' Sample Screen v1.0 (c) 2017 by MP Solutions, Inc.'); ClrEol; GotoXy(1,ScreenHeight); TextColor(Black); TextBackground(Red); Write(' Waiting on user input.'); ClrEol; Window(1,2,ScreenWidth,ScreenHeight-1); TextBackground(Blue); TextColor(White); Write('What is your characters name?'); TextBackground(Black); TextColor(Green); OldX:=WhereX+1; GotoXy(OldX,WhereY); Write(Space(40)); GotoXy(OldX,WhereY); Name:=Readln(40); { Etc. Etc.} End.

Output from code above...