Working with Words

Parse Sentences, Emails, Spell Checker, etc.

Most common string tasks

We reviewed millions of program source files and built our String library.

Primitive Data Types

In Pascal String and AnsiString are native primitives not objects.

PChar is a Null Terminated String

If you are used to working with C type strings, we have you covered.

Program WordOrientedStrings.v1180922; uses Strings; Const Pg=' This is an example paragraph used in this example to demonstrate '+ 'how you can use the built-in wordwrap, wordcount and even manipulate '+ 'the case quickly.'; Begin Writeln(Pg); Writeln(WordCount(Pg)); Writeln('5th word starts at: ',PosWord(5,Pg),' and 15th: ',PosWord(15,Pg)); Writeln(ExtractWordAt(Pg,78)); Writeln(WrapText(Pg,#13#10,[' '],50)); End.

Output from code above...